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Super Fast T1 Lines For Businesses

A T1 line is basically a telephone line, but they can move a much larger amount of data than a conventional telephone line. They transmit voice conversations over a telephone system as well as data over a computer network. These lines are usually made from copper or fiber optic.

The lines transmit 1.544 Mbps. They can cope with hundreds of users at a time with general internet use but less if many users users are moving large files. A line that is configured for telephone systems can handle 24 conversations at a time. There is usually a service level agreement in place, which guarantees the lines reliability, speed and latency.

T1 lines are mainly used in the United States and Japan and are an attractive option for businesses that have a large telephone and computer network. They are 60 times faster than the conventional DSL lines and a more stable and reliable.

There are many different types of lines available, which will suit different purposes. A Voice line is configured for use with telephone systems only. A data line is used only with a computer network. A channelized line is split into 24 equal sized channels. An integrated line transmits both voice and data and can be configured to a number of different channels to suit a businesses requirements. A dynamic integrated line can adapt according to the needs of a businesses communication needs, for example if more voice conversations are happening it will increase the number of voice channels required. Bonded lines use a number of lines in one circuit providing an increase in the level of data it can transmit.

These lines are expensive and would not be suitable for normal residential use where a standard DSL cable would suffice. They are most cost effective for business that have a large telephone system and move a large amount of data around a network. Business with eight or more telephone lines are able to loop to the telecommunications company from their business location. This reduces telecommunication costs, while still providing fast internet access throughout the business.

If a business moves over to a T1 line they may have to upgrade from their old telephone systems to new digital systems. These new digital systems have many useful features, which a business may find increases efficiency in the workplace. For example, these new phone systems are able to be programmed and integrate with a computer system.

A cost of a T1 line is rather insignificant per month depending on location and according to the type of line required. The T1 increases productivity, and the increased speed of communication will provide a more cost effective communications solution for many businesses.

T1 is not the only high performance line available, there are other lines that can move even more information. T3 or also known as DS3 lines transmit 44.7 megabits per second and T3 is the same as having 28 T1 lines. The size of a businesses telephone system and computer network will determine which line is required. T lines are known for being incredibly fast and reliable and many businesses will find they provide a very cost effective communication solution.

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